Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lunch At Grandma's House

I had lunch with my Grandma last Wednesday.
It was really fun!
And she made another great lunch, including this yummy caramel apple pie.
I had two pieces!
And then I took a nap.
Ha ha
Grandma with her yummy caramel apple pie.

Cute potato and pea boats.

Close up of caramel apple pie.
So sweet and gooey, but not too sweet.
It tasted a good way.


  1. that pie looks AMAZING! can you mail me a piece ;)

  2. Your grandma looks cool! Bet she used to give you those potato nests when you were a little kid!

  3. Callista - Ooooo sorry! I ate your piece! Ha ha ;)

    Janice- Yeah my Grandma is awesome. And she still gives me potato nests - even though I'm all grown up.