Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goats and Sheep and Snow

These are pictures I took yesterday, while visiting the chickens, sheep and goats at Carol's house.

Bo and Peep (the sheep) are talking: "Don't look at the humaaaan Peep."

Peep: "Oh, sorry Bo. Eyes forward! Humans are invisible....humans are invisible.....what human?"

"Whoa! What's that! A human? Aaaahhh! I looked at it!"

"What human?"
"They are invisible....can't see them....won't see them....."

Goat eyelash batting.
"Please may I have some more?"
Sorry, even that cute pose won't get you more food.

Aha sheep! Made 'ya look!


  1. how cute! what kind of goats are those?

  2. Love it and just how cute they are!!
    Jane xxx