Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Gorgeous Green

Tour my garden with me!

I think these cabbage leaves are beautiful.


Stocks - mmmmm, they smell so sweet.
Like cloves.



Triplet eggplant.

Ancho/Poblano peppers.
Future chile rellenos!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Berry Picking Vacation

I went on a berry picking vacation, to Bayfield, WI, with my mom this last week-end.

Cottage that we rented.

We went to the farmer's market to pick up ingredients for dinner.

While there we had to stop and take a few pictures in the community garden.

Bayfield harbor and Lake Superior.

View of lake again.

We picked gooseberries and currants at the Good Earth Farm.

The currants were hard work! They are so tiny.

Picking gooseberries.

Then we picked blueberries at Rocky Acres Farm.
Yum! It is the start of the blueberry season, so we got to pick the giant king berries.

Lots of blueberries to pick!

They were HUGE!

View of Lake Superior.

After picking blueberries we went to the Bayfield Art Fair.
I found a prize for next month's giveaway!

While we were at the Art Fair we found a mushroom.
We took it home to cook it for dinner with our farmer's market finds.

Yummy! Our dinner - Eggs from my girls, summer squash, tomato, onion, garlic scapes, mushroom (we found), smoked Lake Superior white fish and vegan bread from the farmer's market.

Too soon it was time to go home, but we had a couple more stops to make before we left.

Us with our blueberries.

We stopped at few local shops.

We had to pick up our almond wine bread from The Candy Shop before we left town.
And a few coconut clusters.
We ordered the wine bread the night before, because they sell as soon as they are baked.
They go from oven to someone's home!

Then we stopped at the Bayfield Apple Company to pick raspberries.
We also bought a jar of currant jelly.
They are hard to pick and it is worth every penny!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garlic - It's Outta Here!

I harvested all the garlic from the garden today.

This is the first year I've ever tried growing garlic.

It was interesting.

I planted 3 beds full of it last October.

Somewhere in between then and now I remembered that I hate garlic.

So, guess what all my friends are getting for gifts this next year!
It looked nice growing in the garden and it was fun to plant it when everything else was dead.
Maybe I can learn to like garlic.

Well, I like the taste of garlic.

I just hate smelling like it the next day.
I think I might try pickling some of it.

Garlic in the garden - The big ones are elephant garlic.

My fancy garlic drier - that I made out of junk.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lavender, Again?!?!

Lavender is broody again.........
I was away for 4 days and three nights (thought/worried about my babies the whole time!) and when I came home I found Lavender in the nest box cuddling three golf balls with all the broody strength in her tiny body.
Silly girl!
After hatching out her silkie chicks, you would think she would take a break, relax, live a little.
I guess somechicks are just made to be mommies.
She layed exactly 17 eggs in the last 4 weeks.
And now she is going to hatch them, come hell or high water! ..............even though they are in my refrigerator.
Poor girl.
It is a lot nicer for Pixie now. She doesn't get chased and beaten up anymore.
And it is much, much quieter in the Ladies' lair!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honey Rests Here

This is Honey's grave. I made a cement rhubarb leaf for a grave stone, but I want to make a more chicken themed one. I don't know exactly what to do though. Has anyone made a grave stone for their chicken? Any ideas?

I buried her in my chicken garden. It's a hidden little garden that has lots of chicken themed decorations.

Isn't She Pretty?

She is so cute!
After I took these pics I gave her a little hair cut. It's amazing the difference that makes for her.
She can see! She looks around at everything in amazement.
"There is something beyond my fuzz!"

She really needs her fuzz trimmed every week, because Lavender -her own mother!- chases her around. Pixie needs her peripheral vision to stay out of Lavender's way.
Poor orphaned baby.

My Garden - Then and Now

I thought I would show you my garden.

This is what it looked like March 30th.

And March 31st.

And July 12th.