Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rainbow Soap and Samples

I made rainbow soap yesterday - a double batch!  Which for me, because I make very small batches, means 16 - 5 ounce bars.  
Rainbow soap looks easy, but it's not.  I am always racing the soap!  First, trying to get it to a thick enough trace that I can pour it (gently! very gently!) and the layers won't swirl together.  BUT I don't want it too thick or the layers will separate and there will be air pockets - not attractive.  
So first waiting for the batter to thicken up and then racing, racing fast! to get the layers poured and leveled.  I bang the molds on the floor after pouring each layer - to get the air bubbles out.  
Now double everything by 2, because I was making 2 batches at the same time.  

I think it turned out pretty :)
And was worth the effort!

I love my herb and clay colored soaps, but rainbow soap makes me happy!  I smile every time I look at it.

This is 2 batches - 16, 5 ounce bars.

Then I cut each bar into 1/3.  Why?  Because I am participating in the October Tantalizing Sampler.  So if you want to try one of these beautiful rainbow soaps scented with Lemon Honey (secret blend of essential oils developed by me!) sign up for the October Tantalizing Sampler! :)  Or you can get a full sized bar in my Etsy shop Kiyi-Kiyi.  There is a limited supply :)

Rainbow soap = HAPPY!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Farmer's Market - First Week

Last Saturday was my first time at the local farmer's market.  I had a lot of fun and learned a ton.  It was also exhausting! 

 I had three days off from work right before the market, so I worked on making up a lot of products to take to the market.  Things like lotions, scrubs, bath whip and bath melts.  I wasted a TON of time making solid bubble bath bars - it was/is a giant failure.  I will get the recipe right eventually though!  It made great bubble bath - just a little lacking in the 'solid' part!

I should have spent more time making lotion.  I ended up only taking hazelnut coffee creme and sold out very quickly.  

It was interesting to see what people bought.  The things that I think are amazing - didn't sell!  LOL!  Like this rainbow soap.  It's so pretty!  I didn't sell a single bar.  However, oatmeal, milk and honey?  It doesn't look like much, but everyone wanted a bar.  

Other things:  Very important to have a "sniffy" bar out for people to handle and....sniff!  I was sure people would love these Gardener's soap.  But I didn't have a bare bar out for people to handle and I sold - zero of the gardener's soap.  Coffee soap, however?  Sold out!  I have to make some more now.

My signage needs work.  99% of the people didn't see my sign, even when they were standing right in front of it.  They would still ask - how much are these?

People will pay $20 for 5 bars of soap - after they think about it for a while.
They will grab 4 oz of lotion for $10 with out pausing.  

'Doh bring business cards!  One of those things I ran out of time to do.  I really needed business cards.  This next week I plan on putting my business cards with a small soap sample.

People like to get a little something when they 'check out'.  I had white paper bags that I put purchases into and I would tuck a soap saver in with their soap.  People really liked that!   I also put a copy of a brochure from the handmade soap guild, but I only had 10 copies and I ran out pretty fast.  Next time more copies!

Never sit down.  I stood the entire 5 hours and greeted people with a friendly word, smile (I smiled SO much) and say something about your product like, "These handmade soaps make great gifts!"  

This next Saturday will be my last week at the market, so I hope it goes well!  

Even with all the mistakes I made: I sold a lot and I was VERY happy with the amount that I made.  If I had sold any more I wouldn't have enough for this next week!