Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chicken Coats

I get to chicken sit again!
I spent a couple hours with the girls today.
And made them coats.....
I think this picture below sums up the Ladies opinion of coats.

A few of the girls were being picked on by their sisters.

Now they sport stylish pink fuzzy coats to cover their bare backs.

Warm and toasty!

I cut the holes too big on the first couple.

They are very easy to make.
No sewing!

This one is the right size.

It fits tighter across her back.

Look at little Hawky!

Pretty girl!


  1. Most certainly different and if it prevents damage from other pecking hens then its a cool idea!!
    Jane xxx

  2. I have a few hens that are the roosters favorites and they are balding on their back. This would be a perfect solution to help the ladies get their feathers back.Does it go around their head or do their wings hold it on?

  3. Dani - There are 2 holes that go around their wings - like suspenders - and 1 hole that their tail fits through.
    I used fleece, because it's stretchy and you don't need to hem the edge.
    So far it's working GREAT! The girls even took dust baths with the jackets on.

  4. sooo cute! i can't imagine that chicken are also want to wear coats, they is very unique, they will feel comfortable with the coats.

  5. Dani - could you please post a photo of the coat. I need to make 2 for a couple of bare backs of my own.