Friday, February 12, 2010

Frosty Pheasants

I took these pictures today on the way to visit my chickens.

There is a spot in the road close to a sloe where pheasants hang out.

You might have to look closely to see them.

There is one flying!

One in a tree.
I have been watching these pheasants all winter.
What do they eat?
The snow is really deep.

Another one flying.
I raised pheasants one summer.
They are not very friendly birds.
And it is impossible to tame them......I really, really tried to tame them.
They didn't like it!

When I drive by, I'm always afraid they will hit my car when they are flying over the road.
I know someone who had a pheasant hit and smash their passenger side window.

This one is hard to see.
He blends into the cattails.

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