Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden 2011 - Spring

A lot has changed in the backyard since last year.  I planted grass, for one thing.  This is the first time I have ever planted grass in my entire life.  I have killed a lot of grass over the years, but NEVER planted it.  Turns out it is kind of difficult to grow.  Well, if you have a puppy that insists on running across it and trying to dig it up :)

The pond.  The white trellis fell over a couple days ago.  Well, actually it was picked up and twisted around by the wind.  It was a strong wind, because that is not a light trellis. 
The water lilies over wintered with the fish in the pond.  They seem to be fine.  I replanted them and there are many leaves already floating on the water.  Soon water lilies!  I also added some water lettuce, water hyacinth and parrot feather.  I also added 40 Japanese trapdoor snails.  There is a toad that lives in the rocks around the pond.  So lots of wildlife in/around the pond.  I wonder what happened to all the salamanders and frogs I added to the pond last fall?

Only 6 garden beds.  I took out 7 beds.  I wanted to cut back, because it seems like - yes I can grow a ton of food in my backyard - but why am I doing it?  A lot of stuff went to waste last year, because I didn't have enough time to care for everything.  I want to have a garden that is productive and looks good too. 

View from the porch of the grass.
I'm really happy with the changes that I made.  It's pretty and now I have more time to enjoy it, instead of only having time to take care of it.

Can't remember what the garden looked like last year?  Neither could I :)
Click on the links below if you want to see the yard last year.

May 2010 - easiest on this post to see the difference between this year and last year

Saturday, May 21, 2011


The apricot tree is in bloom!  I think I might get some fruit this year, if the weather stays warm.  Last year it was warm too early and then we had a late frost that dropped all the tiny apricots.  Being the lazy gardener that I am, I didn't manage to prune any of my fruit trees.  I got the cherry tree half done, but didn't even touch the other ones.  There are a lot of crossed branches, so hopefully I can do a little green summer pruning after the fruit (fingers crossed for fruit)!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some More Birds

I took these pictures this morning.
There are a lot of birds in the garden this year.  Even more than last year.