Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Will Soon Be Here

This is a list of some of the seeds/plants I have ordered for the 2010 season.
I say some, because I ordered a bunch of tomato/pepper/herb seeds from Baker's Creek that aren't in this list.
Some of the seeds I ordered are for my Mom and Dad.
I buy the seeds and my Mom starts the plants for both of us.
It's a win/win!
The ones in italics are varieties I planted last year and liked so much I'm planting them again.
Stock Harmony Mix
Stock Princess Pink

Ornamental Kale Nagoya Hybrid Mix
Golden Shallots
Super Giant Zinnia Mix
Yukon Gold Potato Sets

Margarets Pepper
Parris Island Romaine Lettuce
Gooseberry Offer
Golden Crown Hybrid Watermelon
Oregon Giant Pea
Planet Hybrid Pepper
Early Butternut Winter Squash
Miss Oklahoma Canna
Red Lake Currant
Super Blend Hybrid Broccoli
Dusky Hybrid Eggplant
Copra Hybrid Onion Plants
Candy Hybrid Onion Plants
Tiede Lettuce
Mixture Inca 11 Hybrid Marigolds
Burpee Golden Beet
Zavory Pepper
Tidal Wave Petunia Offer

Gourmet Sweet Pepper
Ribbon Hybrid Snapdragon
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Canesi Hybrid Winter Squash
Hot Pink Orbit Hybrid Geranium
Sweeter Yet Hybrid Cucumber
Magellan Coral Hybrid Zinnia
Hansel Hybrid Eggplant
Savoy Express Hybrid Cabbage
Twinny Peach Hybrid Snapdragon
Delicata Winter Squash
Redskin Hybrid Sweet Pepper
Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion Plants
Majestic Giants 11 Hybrid Mix Pansies
Forget Me Not Gladiolus
Blue Giant Hosta
Fireworks Cornflower
Mixture Antigua Hybrid Marigold
Blue Lake S-7 Stringless Pole Bean

Sugar Baby Watermelon
My Baker's Creek order arrived yesterday and for the first time ever - I got everything I ordered!
Usually they have to refund part of my order, because they are sold out.
Well, thinking that at least some of my order wouldn't be in stock - I ordered extras!
We will not be short on tomatoes this next year!

Have you ordered your seeds yet?


  1. Got all mine except the order from SandHill - including everything I ordered from Bakers Creek (which wasn't much, I'd already put in cherrygal and SandHill orders).

    I've been afraid to plant morning glories after I've heard several people talk about how they kept coming back and spreading more every year - although I love them so much!! I didn't want to introduce something invasive to the neighborhood though... have you found yours coming back each year? Or was last year your first year planting them?

    I'd love to see which tomatoes you picked when you get around to typing it up. :) I went a little nuts this year and ordered 19 varieties... building two garden boxes (raised beds w/wood sides) in the front yard just to hold them!

  2. phishlady- I've planted morning glories for a few years. They don't seem to reseed or be invasive, but I live in zone 3/4 Minnesota.
    It must be too cold for them!
    Wow! 19 tomatoes? Awesome!

  3. what an awesome list! we just moved so we're working on amending our soil--but ive gotta get on my seed ordering! it sounds like youre going to have a great garden this year!