Monday, August 31, 2009

Foraging Mushrooms

I went with my mom today to hunt for mushrooms.
It was fun!
I love a treasure hunt.

This is the first one we found.
We took one and left a baby one.
I plan on checking back tomorrow and harvesting the baby.
P.S. I spotted this one first.
My mom with the first puffball mushroom.
It's big!

Some more mushrooms.
We are waiting to test these,
if/when we find our mushroom field guide.


This puffball my mom spotted.
I walked right by it!

Underside of the puffball.
Neat, huh?

Natural arch.

Anyone know what these are?
We didn't pick them.


Fairy stump.

Cooking the puffballs in butter.


Fly-thru Garden

My garden has become a Fly-thru diner for butterflies and bees.

They love zinnas.

Two Egg Happy Dance

Yay! The Ladies gave me 2 eggs today.
One from Lavender, who has been laying very regularly, and one from Zela.
Zela hasn't layed an egg since Aug. 11th, the day they were taken.
I am so happy!
I think it means they are finally settling into their new home.

Lavender's green egg.

Zela's brown egg.

Silly Little Ray!
He looks so scary in this pic, but he's actually saying,
"Can I come in there? My tummy needs rubbing!"



Queen of all she surveys.

Goaties, Sheep and Chickens

Who lives in this cute little house?

It's a duplex!
On top live two spoiled goaties.
And on the bottom two shy sheep.

Hello sheep!

"Lemme see!"
"No, me first!"

"Is that food?"

"Yes f-o-o-d. Is it?"

"Food? Is it, huh, is it?"

"No. Boo."
Pouty goat face.

"Maybe I should taste it and make sure."
"You never know, it could be food."

"Where are you going? I was going to eat that!"

Ladies on the lam.
Chicks on the praire.

I like this hen - she has attitude!

I think I'll call her Decca -
"get outta her face she 'gonna decka' you"

Or not.

Ho hum, another day, another egg.

This is Cinnamon 2 Wing.
Don't bother her on the nest.
She hisses.

These are all Carol's pets. She doesn't have names for her chickens, so I just gave them some nicknames. Hope she doesn't mind!