Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Day

The chicks and Lavender spent the whole day outside today.
The Ladies spent the day outside too.
My run is square shaped and I had divided 1/3 for Lavender and chicks with a wire fence.
Lavender wouldn't agree to stay in her side of the run, so it was either supervise them all the time or let one flock out at a time.
I solved the problem today.
I took pieces of cardboard and wedged them between the fence and other stuff (pots, bricks, ect.).
It looks horrible, but Lavender is perfectly happy to stay on her side of the fence, now that she can't see the other side of the fence.
Good thing she's short.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gaa! Fight!

The Ladies and Lavender are not getting along.
I knew integrating Lavender's chicks and the Ladies
would be difficult, but waaa! it's so hard to watch them fight!
The Ladies aren't really interested in the chicks.
But they hate Lavender.
I was supervising playtime today and
Butter grabbed onto Lavender's ruff.
They didn't say a thing. No squawking, just silent wrestling.
Which was scarier.
I didn't know if I should separate them.
It's part of the pecking order, getting Lavender back in line,
but it's so hard to watch!
I finally pulled them apart,
because Butter is 3x Lavender's weight and
somechicken was going to get hurt.
Lavender lost a few feathers.
Gaaaaa! What to do?!?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chicken Cartoon

I sent my BYC secret swapper's package today!
This is a cartoon I sent along with the package. It shows ladies 'helping' me find presents.

Chicks Outside!

I've been letting Lavender and the chicks outside everyday for an hour. It works best to let them out earlier in the morning, while the ladies are paying the rent (laying their communal egg).

I tried to divide the outdoor pen into a section for Lavender and a section for the ladies, but Lavender didn't like that idea. She wants all the space. Don't fence her in!

I am really worried about the ladies pecking the chicks on the head, so if they are outside together I have to babysit them.

Here's a vid of the chicks and Lavender outside yesterday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Gift

When I cleaned out the coop yesterday I found an egg from Pippa.
The last Pippa egg I will ever have.
A special little surprise gift.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Win A Nest Box

Guess what! Go to Life on a Southern Farm and enter this great contest to win a nest box

It's an interesting blog too. And the nest boxes look really sturdy and more importantly cute!

One Month

The chicks are a month old.

Warning: Many cute pics





Monday, April 13, 2009

Three Week Pics

Here are the chickies 3 week pics - taken April 11th.
I noticed that the chicks have started to use their oil gland when they groom themselves. .... now that they have feathers.







And a Behind-the-Pics pic :P

Sit still!

Pippa's New Home

I took Pippa to her new home today. She will be soooooo happy there! Her new family has a really nice barn for their chickens and they had a place ready for Pippa.

When I opened the door of her carrier, Pippa jumped right out. In a few minutes she was pecking and scratching around. She ate, drank and settled right in!

I loved seeing her new family's chickens. They had the cutest red frizzle. And a darling little cochin that decided to lay her egg underneath a pile of hay. She looked like a little mole rooting around underneath the hay!

They also have 2 beautiful roosters. They were huge!

I am so relieved that Pippa has such a wonderful new home!

Thanks to everyone for your support and messages!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wait For Me

Every morning the big girls are waiting to be let out into the run. They dash out of the coop as soon as I open the door.

But when Zela has to lay her egg they all troop back inside. Honey and Butter wait patiently outside the nest box. Sometimes they lie down and take a nap.
As soon as Zela lays her egg and hops out of the nest box, all three girls can go outside together.

Butter and Honey only do this for Zela. If they have to lay an egg Zela doesn't bother to go inside and hold their wing.

Are ladies in waiting one of the perks for being top of the pecking order?

Chicke Cards

My Mom wants pictures of her grandbabies (ha,ha) to show to her friends.
So, I took these pics on April 7th.
Now I think I'll have a few printed into cards.
They are so cute, I want to pinch their fluffy little cheeks!

Can you see the chick-shaped heart?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goodbye Pippa

Pippa won a cutest chick contest - here BYC
I am so proud of her.

She was cute as a chick, but she has grown into a beautiful chicken.

Winning the contest is a little ironic, because I just found Pippa a new home.
It's very sad, but Pippa is just too noisy for my suburban backyard.
I found some nice people that have a farm and their own flock of 18 chickens.
It will be nice for Pippa to have somewhere where
she can "crow" to her heart's delight.
Right now when she gets noisy I have to put her
inside, so my neighbors won't complain.

I will miss seeing her pretty little eggs in the nest box.
And her little chirpy voice.

My tiny tough girl.

This is Pippa's goodbye video.

I'm taking her to her new home on Monday.

*sigh* It's so sad. And it was a really hard decision to make.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chick Dust Bath

Cutest video ever! Chicks dust bathing with their mommy. Awwwww - so sweet!

In this one Pepper gets covered in shavings.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Elvis Is In The Brooder

Pixie's found a hobby - Elvis impersonator.
I told her she was a little young for that and show biz was no place for a baby.
She told me, "Hunka, hunka 'm nota baybe."
They grow up so fast.