Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seed Box

I saw this great idea on another blog My Tiny Plot.
She organized her seed box by month, but because my growing season is so short here, I didn't think that would work for me, so I used plant names.
I also used a bright neon orange box, so I can't lose it in my garden.

My "seed box".
Very unorganized! I just put all my seed packets in this cardboard box and when I wanted to plant something I would dig through all of them.
Not the best system.
In fact, last year I forgot to plant shell beans, because I didn't see the 2 packets until August.
Whoops! Too late!

Nice and organized.
Now, I can see what seeds I need to order for this year - mostly peppers, flowers and one or two new tomatoes, but I have lots of seeds to use from last year.
I also like this box, because it has a cover.
(It's a shoe box.)


  1. So funny, I love that My Tiny Plot blog, and I just organized my box yesterday by alphabetic order. Did it with my 3 year old doing an 'arts and crafts' fun time. Knocked out the actual organizing after she went to bed, but putting seeds into better packets and labeling everything clearly. Amazing how messy my box got in just 1 year!