Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frozen Puffballs

I made this Mushroom stroganoff again using mushrooms I foraged last summer and then froze.

Click here to read about the Mushroom foraging adventure.
So the experiment is complete - freezing mushrooms works!
The puffballs were delicious in the stroganoff.
Next out mushrooms!


  1. I love puffballs. One of my neighbors forages for them and occasionally I find gifts of basketball sized puffballs on our porch. I've never frozen them "as is", but usually make soup or something and freeze that. Will have try freezing again.

  2. Pete - Basketball sizes!?! Wow! I would love to find those puffballs.

    I forgot to mention that I sliced and fried the puffballs before I froze them.