Monday, September 21, 2009

Roasted Golden Beets

One of the best flavors of Fall.
I'm not a big fan of red beets, simply because I
don't favor the pink teeth and urine look.
But golden beets are amazing!
Their seeds don't germinate very well, so they are
a little tricky to grow, however they are
well worth the effort.

Sliced, and roasted in a covered dish with 1 cup of water at 350 degrees.

Once cooked, the beet's skins slip off easily.
I eat them without any accoutrement,
but they are delicious with a little butter and salt.


  1. Never heard of them... they look yummy... now I love red beets, lol

  2. Look delicious!!
    Also many thanks for following my blog, its lovely of you to join me and it will be a delight getting to know you. I adore your blog and have now become one of your followers.
    With Love, Jane xxx