Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pixie's First Egg

Pixie laid her first egg!!!
Here it is-

Isn't it cute?
It looks a lot like Pippa's eggs.
In fact, for a second I
thought, "Hey! How did Pippa get here?"

My little baby is all grown up.
Now she is officially a pullet.
Isn't it amazing, in 5 months, she went from this-

To this?!?


  1. O so cool... congratulations! Nice big egg!!!

  2. Thought I'd share this with ya... we have a broody BO hen and I put 10 eggs under her yesterday, so I hope she stays broody and we have lil chickies in a couple of weeks... today is day 21

  3. Oooo so exciting!
    Watching chicks grow and then hatch was the neatest experience.