Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birdbath, Blooms and Junk

Oh, yeah!
This is a pic of last Tuesday's haul from Goodwill.
I had my little gardening friend, A., over
and we went crazy.
Then we stayed up until 12 o'clock making
glass flowers!
Now A. is just as addicted as I am to making
garden (junk) art.

All of our finds - What could we possible DO with this junk?!?!

A teapot birdhouse.
This is a work in progress. It still needs paint and
a cute sign to welcome the birdies.
We are thinking : Welcome feathered friends,
but we're open to suggestions!

A birdbath.
Remember those 4 soda/malt glasses from the first pic?
And the blue bowl?
Here they are reborn!
P.S. It's not crooked - I just have a leaning problem

Top view.

Side close up.

These are the backs of the plate flowers.
You can see the bell hangers in these pics.

A.'s plate flower creation.
She gave it to my 86 y/o grandma.
So sweet!

My plate flower.

The plate is very iridescent in the sun, but
of course the sun WOULDN'T come out!


  1. Amazing! You took something beautiful and made it more beautiful.

  2. I love the plate flowers and butterfly bath. You have given me an idea if I can ever find some time. I am wondering what the plate flower is attached to?


  3. Oh my goodness... everything is so cute! You got some great ideas!

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Angie - the flowers are attached to bell hangers -from the plumbing dept. of the hardware store.
    But you can also flatten a silver spoon, glue the spoon part to the back of the plate flower and slide the handle of the spoon down into your pole.
    Ta da!
    (Hope that made sense!)

  5. LOVE IT! I can't wait to get my hands on some epoxy glue again! :)



  6. Love your garden creations, found out about your flowers from Val over on Collecting the Moments, who I found through a post on FB about her zucchini candy and found your flowers. So now I want to make these flowers, just to cute. Amazing how this all works. LOL. Will link back to you and Val when I do make and post mine (don't hold your breath it may be awhile).

  7. Just wanted to check in and mention that these glass projects are all still in perfect condition! I left them all outside of multiple winters and summers. In fact, I just clean and re-filled the birdbath a few mins. ago!

    1. beautiful ! What kind of winters do you have ?

    2. -30F to -40F with lots of snow, ice and wind!

  8. I would like to know how you anchored the butterfly dish in the ground?

  9. I used a big flat plate glued to the bottom stack of glasses.