Friday, September 11, 2009

Tuesday's Harvest

A few pictures of Tuesday's harvest.

The tomatoes were canned into 2 kinds of soup.
The red /pink tomatoes were cooked down
and then I made Vegetable soup.
The white/yellow tomatoes were cooked down
and then I made Curried Potato soup.
All of the broccoli was added to the curried potato soup.
And I didn't find a single caterpillar in the broccoli.
The summer squash was shredded and turned into yummy patties.
The 4 giant squash went to my girls.
Thank goodness for chickens!

The small cucumbers were eaten
and the too big ones went to my girls and Carol's chickens.
Her chickens can eat a cucumber in seconds flat!

The eggplants were roasted and
Some of the chiles were used in
the curried potato soup.

And most of the beans were too
tough to eat.
I should have picked them sooner.
So, I sifted through them and
picked out the tender ones to give to Carol
in exchange for some eggs she gave me on Monday.
A good trade back!
I gave her a little bit of everything peppers,
beans, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, ect.


  1. I am new to cooking with backyard grown veggie so could you please explain how you cooked the eggplant?


  2. Oh yum... its been a busy harvesting week for everyone!

  3. Everything looks so BEAUTIFUL...

  4. Wow! Good job, isn't it such a good feeling knowing you grew all those vegetables? So pretty..

  5. Hi Angie!
    If you click on the label to the right that says "summe squash" it will take you to the recipe for summer squash patties.

  6. Your vegetables look stunning. Well done!

  7. What an enormous harvest! I would keel over trying to figure out what to do with all of that gorgeous food! The photos are beautiful. I also love all your before-and-after garden pics. Thanks for visiting my blog.