Monday, September 28, 2009

Quickie Giveaway - September

This is a quickie giveaway!

You have until Midnight

on Sept. 30th to leave a comment

and be entered to win.


What's the prize?

First - a note pad with a chicken painting by a local artist.
And second - 2 - 1/4 pints of my very own canning.
1 of Pure Gold Marmalade - my own recipe
a combination of peaches, mango, passion fruit and oranges.


Enter now!


  1. Regarding your yellow tomatoes... now you see them and now you don't!! What a difference. I have been hearing a lot about dehydrators on the blogs recently... how useful do you find them to be and would it be worth me purchasing one??
    Love Jane xxx
    (ps, please enter me in your quickie

  2. Dehydraters are wonderful, aromatic. My sister has dried many things this year. She did lots of squash with a cajun seasoning that is a very tasty snack.

    Catalina, I love your recipes! Put my name in the pot, please.

  3. My eggs are hatching :) we have 5 baby chickies right now!

  4. Aromatic- I love my dehydrator.
    It's fun to play around with recipes or when I get sick of canning, just throw the stuff into the dehydrator.
    It does all the work.
    I also have Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook.
    She has a lot of fun recipes.

    Good luck everyone on the giveaway!

  5. Oh, I lovelovelove dehydrating. It's amazing how much food you can store in a small amount of space. Plus, it's easy peasy. Please enter me in your September giveaway. All the best!

  6. hi there! im new to your blog and looking thru the archives, i love what i see! definitely bookmarked your blog ^_^

    the marmalade looks divine :) hope i win...


  7. Hi there..newbie here from texas. I have been interested in learnin' to can. My mother In Law cans all the name it and she has canned it..was just tellin her recently that I believe its time she teaches me so I can give her some of my goodies for a change..: ) Subscibing to ur blog..great recipes by the way!..Thanks for sharing.

  8. What model dehydrator do you (Catalina) and other commentors use/reccommend? What other things from your garden do you dehydrate? We usually can or freeze, but have been thinking about "investing" in a good dehydrator.
    Love the blog!

  9. hi i just finished looking thru you archives :) your chickens are sooo pretty! i wish i could have them but i live in an apartment for the moment. anywho... i noticed that for your canning recipes you use a water bath canner. have you ever used a pressure canner? if so is there a brand you recommend? im a little late for the main part of canning season but a pressure canner is going on my christmas list so ill be ready for next year :)

  10. Hi Callista!
    Yeah I love to use my pressure canner for soups, green beans, ect.
    It's a really old one that I stole from my mom.
    Now, she comes over to my house when she wants to use it. LOL
    I don't know what model I would reccomend, but get the biggest heaviest one you can find.
    They hold the heat and pressure better than the light weight ones.
    Thanks for reading my blog!