Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bloody Wattles or How To Make New Friends

Today, when I visited my girls, Mr. Cocky, the rooster, had taken his harem into the grove.
So, for once, I didn't have to worry about a covert flogging.
He loves to hide in with the hens, sneak up on me from behind, and then do a jump and scratch attack.
*@#$!% Rooster!
I closed the gate on the run, so he couldn't sneak in.
Have I mentioned that he is very sneaky?!?
The Ladies were so happy to see me!
Two days this week I have found Lavender free ranging with Carol's chickens out on the grass.
Who knows what Lavender gets up to with those wild Ladies.
She can be a pretty bad influence on well behaved chickens.
I closed the gate and opened the wire fencing, that separates my girl's run from Carol's chickens run.
I did this for two reasons:
1. So I could clean the run without having to clean around my Ladies.
2. So the girls could interact with a few of Carol's hens that were in the big run.
And the result?
Butter made friends with one of the chunky white girls.
They checked out the dust bath area together and talked chicken.
A skinny red head tried to jump Zela.
Zela and the red chicken fought.
Zela ultimately won and the red girl ran away, but Zela ended up with a bloody wattle.
My poor baby!
She got an extra bunch of cuddles from me and I kissed her boo boo.
Lavender decided she wanted to lay an egg, so she sat in the dog crate....wait! then she ran out...then she ran back in...then she ran into the run....back in to lay an egg...
Pixie ventured out into the big run, ate some food, decided she didn't like how one of the white girls was looking at her, so she jumped the white chicken!
A chicken 3x bigger than her!
Then the white chicken, Mrs. Dirtyback, pecked her and Pixie ran underneath Mrs. Dirtyback.
She got caught underneath her and for a few seconds was hilariously caught with her head sticking underneath Mrs. Dirtyback's rump and her tail wiggling in Mrs. Dirtyback's face.
Once Pixie freed herself, Mrs. Dirtyback pecked her in the comb and I intervened.
My Girls were scooped back up into the small run.
Home Sweet Home.
Sort of.

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