Friday, October 9, 2009

It's A Blizzard

This was taken from my back porch. The garden. Snow garden.

I just drove home from work

and it is not just snowing - it is blowing and really, really snowing.

There is already a 1 1/2 inch accumulation on the ground.

The roads are still fairly warm, so the snow isn't accumulating on them as much, but it was really hard to see the road with all the snow blowing around.


I guess our 3 weeks of Fall are over.


  1. OMG - where do you live? I heard it had snowed in some areas north of where we are (Southern Ontario, Canada), but I don't think it was as much as you had. Hopefully it's gone and fall has returned.

    BTW - welcome to the Foodie Blogroll. I love 'meeting' fellow bloggers this way.

  2. I want no snow or ice this year!

  3. heather- Minnesota!

    Gail - ha! I can only dream of a snow-free winter.

  4. Keep the snow your way.... lol I really hope Fall stays around for awhile.