Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bon Voyage

My friend Carol left for London today.
(My 4 chickens live with her 18 chickens - like the Brady bunch)
I am so jealous!
She's going to tour London and Paris.
I hope she tries macarons and takes lots of pictures.
Bon Voyage, Carol!
I visited the Ladies today.
Carol said I could collect and keep all the eggs while she is on vacation.
Yay! I love collecting eggs!
Today there were 6 eggs.
There were 2 broken/eaten eggs underneath the roosts and another half eaten egg in a corner.
Egg eaters!
I'll take some golf balls out tomorrow and try to get them to stop eating their eggs.
Hopefully banging their beaks a few times on the golf balls will stop them from sampling eggs OR I'll have to make a few mustard eggs.


  1. Mustard eggs? What are those?

    Marblehead Chicken,

  2. You blow out an egg and fill it with mustard.
    I guess chickens don't like mustard.
    It's supposed to discourage them from eating their eggs.