Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Supposed To Be Butter

This butter was supposed to be whipped cream for my Perfect Pumpkin Waffles, but I turned away for 1 min (!) and it was butter.

Good thing I was making waffles and not cake or something.
Waffles and butter - good.
Cake and butter - not so good.
I threw in a little liquid cinnamon flavor and made cinnamon butter.
It would be easy to make lots of types of butter - lemon, rum, almond, ect.


  1. Lucky you! I tried to make butter and failed! My issue is finding a cream that is not ULTRA pasterized! Do you have a brand selection? Or are you milking your own cows. I had a recipe from Mother Earth News I was going to try... but I'm not finding the enzyme they are suggesting I use. I also can not find any raw milk. Grrr...

  2. I just used the cheapest cream from the grocery store.
    It's the store brand.
    I don't think you need anything special to make butter.....cheese on the other hand - that looks a little more complicated.

  3. Wow! Now Id love to try whipping my own butter too :)