Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Dinner At Grandma's

I had dinner at my Grandma's house on Sunday.
My whole family went to visit Grandma - all 3 of us!

My Mom brought the dinner, so Grandma wouldn't have to cook.
And so she could eat something different.
It's always nice to eat someone else's cooking occasionally.
Above is the yummy salad with avocados, peppers, feta and tons of yummy veggies.
So nice to eat something fresh in the winter!

We also had lasagna.

And this yummy Butterscotch Pumpkin pie that my Grandma made.

There's my Grandma with a slice of pie.

And my Dad eating the pie.


  1. I really want to go to Grandma's house for dinner, lol. Looks great and I'm sure you had some nice family time...

  2. That salad looks awesome! Did you grill your peppers (what kind), or did you use the ones in the jar?

  3. Yeah it was fun!
    I think the peppers were store bought.

  4. Wow that pie looks good. Is the recipe a secret??