Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wall Me In

I am in love with vertical gardening!
It is possible to grow 10x more plants in the same space that I had 1 planted before.
This is my second year using the square foot gardening method of vertical gardening.
Last year I used zip ties to connect the plastic netting to the metal conduit arches, but this year I stole an idea from my Dad.
I wrapped twine in between the netting holes and around the metal conduit.
It makes the netting taunt, but flexible.

In the back green pole beans - In the front cucumbers
Above: Close up of Tomato wall #2
Below: Tomato wall #2

P.S. The tomato walls are 8 1/2 feet tall!

My First Ripe Tomato!!!
There were 2, but I ate one.......and then I ate the other one too!

Cucumber wall close up.

Green bean wall from the side.
Eggplants and peppers in the front.

Tomato wall #1

Overall garden view: Empty beds - harvested garlic and a finally crop of peas, then I took the vines out.
Guess which Ladies like pea vines?
All of them!

Overall garden view: Grow summer squash! That's Butter Stick summer squash. Very good - makes yummy squash pickles.

Overall garden view.
If you want to see more pics of my garden and directions to make the metal conduit arches
click Here


  1. Hello garden friend! Can you tell me how you held up your tomato wall? What did you use as a frame? Thanks!

    BlueRoseMama @

    PS I have tried to find bell hangers EVERYWHERE! But the home depots and hardware stores don't have anything like it. I will have to go to a specialty plumbing supply shop on Monday... and I hate waiting for projects! (Dont you?)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Val! I will be doing a tutorial with pics next week explaining how to put together a tomato wall, but this is the basic idea: 2 3/4" 10' EMT conduits (in the electrical dept. NOT the plumbing dept.), 2 3/4" conduit connectors, pipe bender and plastic netting or wire netting.

    Cut one EMT conduitin half to make 2 5' legs.
    Bend the 2nd conduit to make a 5' "top" and 2 2.5' "legs".
    Using the conduit connectors attach the 5' legs to the 2.5' legs.
    Now you should have a 7.5 foot tall and 5 foot wide tomato trellis.
    Attach the netting with zip ties or -better idea- wrap twin in and out and around the netting and the conduit.
    Use T-posts or simlar garden posts to anchor the trellis in your garden.
    Depending on the amount of wind you get in your area, you may want to ALSO hammer a piece of rebar into the ground and slide the trellis over the top, before attaching it to the T-posts.

    I hope this helped! It would be better with pics I know!

    About the bell hangers - I asked at my local Menard's store (like a Home Depot) and they said they didn't have them, but I looked through the whole plumbing section any way. They were there! I pointed it out to the plumbing section people. They didn't really care. So you never know - they might be hiding some where in the store!