Monday, August 31, 2009

Foraging Mushrooms

I went with my mom today to hunt for mushrooms.
It was fun!
I love a treasure hunt.

This is the first one we found.
We took one and left a baby one.
I plan on checking back tomorrow and harvesting the baby.
P.S. I spotted this one first.
My mom with the first puffball mushroom.
It's big!

Some more mushrooms.
We are waiting to test these,
if/when we find our mushroom field guide.


This puffball my mom spotted.
I walked right by it!

Underside of the puffball.
Neat, huh?

Natural arch.

Anyone know what these are?
We didn't pick them.


Fairy stump.

Cooking the puffballs in butter.



  1. Poison fungi! Orange is never good, I may be wrong, but that is what I have been taught.

    Let me know about the other white ones. I have heard puffballs were good to eat but have never tried them. We stick to Morel, Medusa's Hair, Correl and Beefsteak...we know those for sure are safe.

  2. Yeah - so the only safe ones to eat turned out to be the puffballs.


    They are poisionous or not recommended for cooking.

    The puffballs are good! They remind me of french toast.

    I tried some with syrup and some in a sammy with mustard and ketchup.
    They were good both ways.

  3. It always pays to go mushroom hunting with an experienced mushroom hunter. There is a club near where live that goes out on organized hunts.

  4. Wow. You grow and find so many things. I'd like to get a kit for growing my own mushrooms, but since we get ours at the markets we don't really know if it is good value for money to grow our own. Our vege garden is tiny but growing, and of course we have eggs now. Loved looking through your pictures! Especially the hens and the goats! I'd love to have room for a goat. They're so sweet.