Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butter and Pixie

Poor Butter.
On Monday, when I visited the girls
I thought that something had attacked one of them.
There were feathers everywhere!
But I couldn't see any injuries,
so I though perhaps a neighbor chicken
had jumped the fence
and gotten the sharp end of Lavender's claws.
Tuesday there were even more feathers in the run.
It's official: Butter is molting.
And really hard too.
As of today, she has a solitary tail feather loosely hanging on.
She looks so rough - poor baby.
And she is really crabby.
She wants to be held,
but she doesn't want me to touch her.
I suppose the new feathers
growing in are strange feeling and poky.
Well, she ends up pecking
me on the head to get held
and then complaining when I hold her.
Very frustrating.
And Pixie is growing up into a pullet.
She squatted for me today. Twice!
It's the first time she's ever squatted.
I see silkie eggs in the future.
My friend, Carol, that took in my ladies, has a big barred rock rooster.
He is so gorgeous.
But he loves to chase me!
I have a cut on my ankle he gave me today.
He is so sneaky.
Bad rooster!
Another thing I'm worrying about right now:
Last year Carol lost more
than half of her chickens
and all of her ducks.
They disappeared
after some migrant workers were working
in the soybean fields next to her house.
They are back working in the fields right now.
Please don't take my ladies!


  1. Silkies tend to loose feathers when they are nervous...don't know why.

  2. Oh no... hope they dont take any chickies! Thats not nice......