Monday, August 31, 2009

Goaties, Sheep and Chickens

Who lives in this cute little house?

It's a duplex!
On top live two spoiled goaties.
And on the bottom two shy sheep.

Hello sheep!

"Lemme see!"
"No, me first!"

"Is that food?"

"Yes f-o-o-d. Is it?"

"Food? Is it, huh, is it?"

"No. Boo."
Pouty goat face.

"Maybe I should taste it and make sure."
"You never know, it could be food."

"Where are you going? I was going to eat that!"

Ladies on the lam.
Chicks on the praire.

I like this hen - she has attitude!

I think I'll call her Decca -
"get outta her face she 'gonna decka' you"

Or not.

Ho hum, another day, another egg.

This is Cinnamon 2 Wing.
Don't bother her on the nest.
She hisses.

These are all Carol's pets. She doesn't have names for her chickens, so I just gave them some nicknames. Hope she doesn't mind!


  1. Wonderful idea, the double decker.

  2. What a cute made me smile! I love goats!