Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why July Is Depressing

I find July very depressing.
Well, the growing season is almost over. The only thing a gardener has to look forward to at this time of the year is the maintenance work of weeding and harvesting and the inevitable death of their garden.
There isn't any fun planning or planting. Even January is less depressing, because there is Spring to look forward to and the frantic picking of seeds/plants and indoor starting of seedlings.
July is also a big let down, because when you see some of your January garden daydreams in the unforgiving July sunshine, they don't look as wonderful and amazing as you imagined.
Don't even get me started on the mosquitoes!
quack grass!
Maybe you have a longer growing season, but for me, living in Minnesota, July is a depressing month.


  1. I guess we're luckier than we thought in Missouri our growing season has a long time to go yet. I'm busy getting new beds ready for fall crop planting and starting seeds for new perennials that I will let winter over in pots in what we lovingly call the nursery bed. The veggies are just producing well for me .. they were late going in this year. The depressing part is the heat & humidity. Or should I say Oppressing. 105º heat index today not much getting done outside til the sun goes down.

  2. July doesn't have to be depressing... it could be time to plan your winter harvest. ;) You could plant peas, cabbage, and carrots all in August and get crops from a covered bed easily in Feb. I got lettuce a couple years in a row with that technique, but I am guessing your winters are colder than mine, so I would stick to the cole crops.

    We gotz carrots today!



  3. Carol - Your nursery bed sounds lovely!

    Val - LOL!'s a lot colder here. minus 30 (or lower) for at least 2 months straight. Even protected cole crops can't survive that. It just takes so much energy to produce enough heat to grow winter crops here. We also get snow and freezing temps into the end of May. Feb. and March are the big months for snow - 3 to 4 feet a month.
    We can have a hard killing frost the first week of Sept.
    So......I have one more gardening month.