Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bonding Tansy and Kiwi - First Steps

Ok I couldn't wait any longer.

So far this is what has happened:
I set up a space for them in one of my spare bed rooms. Tansy had never been allowed into this room, so it is neutral. 2 of everything - litter box, water, pile of fresh veggies, hay, phone book, stuffed toy, diggy towels, cardboard boxes.

Then I put both buns in a cardboard box with a cover. I shook them up, went outside, went inside, went into the garage, jogged in place, ect.
Then I dumped (gently) them both into the new room.
They sniffed each other. Hopped around a bit. Then they fought. Lost some fur. I didn't stop them. Then they hopped around. Then they fought. Tansy hid in a box. Kiwi hid on the other side of the room. Then they fought. Lost some more fur. Then they went to different sides of the room and lay down. They took a 2 hour break where they didn't do anything.
Kiwi got up and ate some hay and used the litter box.
Tansy hid in a box.
Kiwi ate.
Tansy ate.
Kiwi came over to sniff Tansy. Tansy thumped at Kiwi. Kiwi went away.
Kiwi came back - Tansy thumped. Repeat 50 times.
Kiwi chased Tansy - Tansy hid in a box and thumped.
Kiwi ate. Tansy ate.
Kiwi chased Tansy. Tansy thumped and hid in a box.
Then they chased/thumped/ate and are still doing that combination.

I checked them over once for injuries, but other than that I haven't touched them. So far it seems to be going pretty well.
This is a photo time line of their interactions.


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