Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to: Build A Tomato Wall

How to build a Tomato Wall:
2 x 3/4" 10' EMT conduit
2 x 3/4" conduit connectors
zip ties
plastic netting
Cut one 10' EMT conduit in half. These 2 halves make your 5' legs.
Bend 2nd 10' EMT conduit with a pipe bender. The top will be 3' long and each leg will be 3.5 ' long.
Pound your T-stakes into the ground.
Using the 3/4" connectors attach the 5' legs to the 3.5' legs. You now have a 8.5' tall trellis.
Use the zip ties to attach the trellis to the T-stakes.
Use the twine to attach the plastic netting to the trellis.
Now weave your tomatoes into the plastic netting. As they grow, continue to weave them in and out of the netting.

Zip ties, twine and plastic netting attached to trellis and T-stake.

3/4" connector.

Completed tomato walls.

I buy my plastic netting here - American Nettings
Full grown tomato walls can be seen here - Tomato Walls and Me


  1. Very interesting. Looks like it would work vry well.

  2. Great setup... and clearly works well for you! AMAZING growth on your plants! Visiting you from the TEG bloggers thread. Cheers! -Anna.

  3. Great idea.... sure beats those round cages. I like it a lot. My cages are already up this year but I'll have to try this next year!

  4. My girlfriends and I made your cement mushrooms. I posted about them today. Thanks for the wonderful directions!

  5. I did mine completely different, but the idea is still the same. The whole wall is covered in tomatoes now. It is scheduled to post on Monday.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!



  6. Looks like a good support system for tomatoes. Thanks for the tutorial!