Monday, July 5, 2010

Can Jam June: Cherry Spice Jelly

I'm too late for the Can Jam round-up, but I wanted to share my creation for the Can Jam challenge. It was inspired by my recent trip to the Spice Market in Seattle.

Cherry Spice Jelly
64 oz cherry juice
4 Tbs "Market Spice" loose tea
tea bag
1 pkg no sugar needed pectin
1 cup sugar
In a large saucepan bring cherry juice and tea to a boil. Remove tea bag, add pectin and return to a boil. Add sugar and return to a hard boil that can not be stirred down. Pour into prepared jars and process for 10 mins. in a boiling water bath canner.

What do you do when you have a 5 gallon bucket of frozen cherries?

Pit them.....

...................... and make jam!
In the pic above you can see a couple of my souvenirs from our trip to Washington. I like to buy milk in glass bottles while I'm on vacation and then bring the glass bottle home as a souvenir. They come in handy, holding homemade juices, broths and iced tea.
You can also see the tea I bought at the Public Market in Seattle at the Spice Market. It has cinnamon oil in it, which adds a sweet, but not sugary flavor to the jelly.

Putting the tea in a tea bag.

Cherry juice and tea bag.

Finished jelly.
It is very tart, but has a sweet cinnamon aftertaste. It tastes like the perfect essence of cherries.


  1. That sounds fantastic! Any other interesting jam/jelly recipes you can share?

  2. Heather- So glad you liked it! On the right side of the page there is a list of recipes I've made (and made up). Some of the jam/jellies are onion/garlic, carrot/rosewater/lime, blueberry mint, passion fruit marmalade and a ton more.
    I love to can!