Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garlic Harvest 2010

Here are some pictures of the garlic I harvested last week.
These are from the USDA test cloves that I was sent.
I cut the tops off and they are drying in front of a fan. Last year I made the mistake of leaving the tops on so I could 'braid' the garlic.
Garlic lasts for longer if it doesn't have the tops still attached.

These pics do not include the garlic I grew from cloves that I saved from previous harvests or the elephant garlic.
I have a lot of garlic!
This year I promised to plant less garlic, but it didn't work out that way!


  1. Okay - so I need your help then. I've been growning garlic this year and everything I read said to harvest in fall. Should I harvest before then?

  2. I harvest as soon as 2/3 of the tops have turned brown or fallen over. Don't wait too long or they will be very hard to pull up and you will have to dig them.

    Maybe it was plant garlic in the fall?

  3. I think you have a gorgeous harvest there! We had a wonderful harvest of Elephant garlic this year, next year I will be trying more varieties for sure. I'm glad to see how your USDA haul worked out. My corn from them is not doing so hot, but my chilies and cabbage did fine.

  4. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who plants a lot of garlic. Every year my husband says I'm planting too much... but we always manage to use all of it. I think I put garlic in everything.

  5. BiscottiQueen - Have you had very good germination with your USDA seeds? I planted 4 different carrots and the germination has been just terrible.