Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My New Bridge

I finally installed the bridge over the pond last week.
I have been working on the bridge for the last month, varnishing it and sanding it.
It was a closeout kit that I bought and put together.

I also finally have the rocks the way I want them and the waterfall.
The fish went back into the pond last week too.
Last Fall there were the big original 8 and close to 100 of their babies.
Now there are 7 big ones and about 25 of various sizes.
I have been feeding them every other day.
Last year I fed them about 5 times the whole summer, because I thought they wouldn't reproduce as much if they didn't have extra food i.e. they would eat their young. Yuck.
But they had over 100 babies!
So, this year I will just feed them and see what happens. There is also a frog in the pond, but I could find him when I had my camera.

Of course, now that I am DONE with the pond it's started to leak.
Anyone know an easy way to find a hole in a pond liner?
The water level drops down to about 5 inches below the edge, so I have some idea of where the leak is, but there is a lot of rock to move to find the hole.

Catty likes the bridge.