Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Plant Sale Results

We had a plant sale on May 1st.
It was a success!
We opened at 8 am and sold out of 90% of the started plants by 10:30am.
I even sold some of my garden art.
The 2 most popular garden art items were the wooden plant markers and the painted rocks (which of course, I forgot to take a picture of).

We didn't sell very many raspberry or strawberry starts, but we sold lots and lots of perennials.
Some of these pictures I snapped before we started the sale. Then we were very busy and I forgot to take pictures, but I took a few after the big rush.

Cement Mushrooms

Bird baths and painted garden totes

Lots and lots of glass flowers and a few tea cup luminaries.
The $10 glass flowers sold out first, but a few of the more expensive ones sold too.
I priced them according to how much I wanted to keep them. I priced the ones I liked best higher.

I painted this tea cup myself.
It had a really ugly picture on it, so I painted it with Kilz premium, painted on my design and then sealed it.

I sold that bird house on the left. Amazing what some spray sealer and a PVC end cap can do!

These were the description sheets.
They told a little bit about the started plants we were selling.
All the little yellow strips say "SOLD OUT".
I took these pics near the end of the sale, when we had sold out of almost everything.

Some of the plants.
We had 2 full tables in the garage, with started plants, at the beginning of the sale.

Perennials $2.50 and started plants $1.00

Perennial table

Black and red raspberries

I sold a few jars of my canning. We also had bread and fresh eggs.
The crystal cup luminaries on the right we very popular. I sold a bunch of those. They were 2 for $1.75.

Plant markers $.50 each. I sold a bunch of the wooden ones. They had carrots, basil, thyme, lettuce, ect. written on them.

It was a great sale.
The weather could have been better, it was VERY windy and cold.
We are already planning for next year.


  1. We are having our plant sale tomorrow. I hope we do as well as you!

  2. Mike - Hope you have a GREAT sale!!