Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Ladies Free Ranging Good Time

If you like pictures of chickens, then you are in for a treat!
Lot 'o chick pics!

This is what I usually see when I go to visit the girls - 2 chunky white girls (cwg) free ranging.
Really, really free ranging.
Chicks on the prairie!
Then the next thing I see - Zela! (pronounced SAY-la)
She always comes running when she sees me.
She follows me around until I sit down and then she jumps into my lap for a cuddle.
She'll stay in my lap until I leave, if I get up she waits until I sit down again and then she jumps back up to get a hug.

Zela is such a photo hog!
Can she help it if she is so beautiful?!?

There's busy (bossy) Butter!

More of the flock - Zela, some CWGs, Lavender (on the right), Butter (way in the back), Zoe, Hawky and some red girls too.

It's funny, but I can pick out Zela, Butter and Lavender's voices from the rest of the flock, even in the dark.

Really Zela? Every picture?

I love the CWGs face whiskers.

Hey! One of these things is not like the other...........


A CWG and Butter.

Gossip 'round the watercooler.

This Lady is a real snuggler, but I can't remember her name!
She's sweet, but jealous. When I'm holding Zela and not petting her, she will pull feathers out of Zela's tail until I pay attention to her!

Butter says, "See 'ya again soon and bring raisins next time."


  1. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  2. oh this was so much fun. it still amuses me to think about chickens being snuggly. :D

  3. I love chickens. My husband has just agreed that we can get some. I'm so excited. Thanks for the great photos.

  4. Awesome pictures! We had a mixed batch of chickens for a while. It is alot of fun to see all the personalities in the different breeds! We are down to 4 all the same... they are still fun to watch, just not as colorful! :) ENJOY!