Monday, May 24, 2010

Garden Update 5-22-10

The allium and white iris are putting on quite a show.
I wish I had been able to get a picture today before the 45 mile an hour wind blew in!

I'm starting on my patio. I was able to pour one set of stepping stones, before it started to rain.

My new trellis. I put it together myself with my new cordless drill. I love my drill!

This is a light pink poppy. It's HUGE this year!

Vegetable garden.
I hate that stupid shed! It shows up in every picture. No one wants it - I've tried to give it away for free even, but it's too much work to take it apart and move it out of my fenced in yard.


  1. Could you make or get some nice trellis screens to hide the shed? It would look better then.

  2. Your garden screams of summer and happiness. You made me smile this morning. Thanks!

  3. Have you thought about training some Hardy Kiwi up the shed? Or anything else, really, I'm just excited about hardy kiwi this year - a climbing vine that can survive in my zone 4 garden and isn't invasive (so far, I guess that really remains to be proven) and grows fast (climbing hydrangeas are pretty but I didn't want to wait for the next decade to see my ugly wall get covered...)

    Does it not get enough sun to grow beans or melons up it during the summer? Even summer squash - bet that would cover it up quickly!! And you could pretend the summer squash is your jungle reclaiming that stupid shed, once it grows up and over the roof... ;)

    Anyway, just thinking out loud about what I'd do with it I guess. I'd give a lot to have a garden shed, my shovels and wheelbarrows and extra pots just live in a pile next to the house steps.

  4. Joy- Yeah, I tried a trellis last year, but it still looked ugly.

    ColorSlut - Thanks!

    phishlady - I have 3 hardy kiwi. They've been trying to grow up a trellis for the last 2 years. The last cold freeze killed them back to the ground though, so I don't know how well they will do this year. They seem to grow really slowly.

    I've thought about growing something over the top, but it's a metal shed in full sun, so it gets REALLY hot. That is my main gripe against the shed - it is in full sun. It's covering up prime real estate in my garden. I also never store anything in it, because whenever it rains there is a pool of water on the floor inside. Over the years, the ground level has raised up (probably something to do with all the dirt I've hauled into the backyard-lol)and now water runs down and into the shed.

    I would like a nice shed too. One that isn't in the full sun, that is taller/up off of the ground a little and made of wood.
    Someday maybe.......

  5. I don't know if you check these or not, but I got this link from a tomato forum- about staking up your tomatoes and I saw something you did that you said was inexpensive -- It looks like metal tubing made into an arch with metal wire???? do you think you could give me a little more information about it? I have too many tomato plants to buy them each a cage, so i need some alternative. Thanks