Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Chickens and A Purple Girl

Here are a few pictures of the Ladies.
You can tell Winter is in full swing: cabbage and warm mash for all!

Cheap chicken entertainment - a hanging cabbage.

There's Butter!
She's busy catching that cabbage.

Zela and Lavender

And a purple chicken!?!

I nicknamed her Turkey.
She started moulting and her sisters picked on her, so.....I Blukoted her.
It's a spray that covers up the bare red skin and doesn't taste very nice.
There are a couple other Girls developing bare spots, so I might give them a little dash of Blu kote too, if Carol doesn't mind.
Winter is hard on a chicken. :(

Isn't she cute?!?

Little cutie!
I noticed her attitude changed, when she realized she wasn't going to be picked on any more.
She's more assertive and was *sigh* picking on the Barred Rock girl, while she was taking a dust bath, yesterday.
A lot of Carol's Girls are getting friendly, as you can see from this video.
They like to be held and snuggled.
The only problem - I only have 2 arms!


  1. That is more fun than dying eggs for Easter.

  2. Great Pics. love the purple chicken, lol

  3. ur girls are beautiful! how many chickens do u have? it looks like u have chickens as pets so ill suggest some rele good people chickens are silkies and bantams. and some chickens r naturally purple they usually have splash within thier name tho

  4. Oh how I wish chickens came in this color. I love purple and I love my chickens. Why can't I have both? Ours are being flaky right now, they wander around the yard and are not laying. Winter does strange things to chickens. I'm gonna have to string up a cabbage to watch that entertainment.