Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Road Trip

A post on Points of Review about a road trip I took with my Mom 5 years ago in November.
It was the best trip ever!
We went to New Zealand, rented a car and drove around the North Island for a couple weeks.

This was the route of our trip.
We started out in Auckland.
My Grandma was born and raised in New Zealand.
And as a little girl my Mom lived in New Zealand for a while.

This is Mom and the car we rented.
She had never driven on the left side of the road, but she did a great job throughout the trip.
There were just a couple times when I thought she was going to run into the side of a mountain!

We loved the little self serve stands they had on the side of the road selling vegetables.

We went at the end of November - Avocado season, I guess.
There were avocados every where!
We even rented a cottage in an avocado orchard.

I shot a gun!
On a boat!
And I didn't hit anything.

This is our automatic clothes dryer.
We stayed over night in a hostel.
It was really nice.
We stayed in a lot of hostels.
Anyway, we washed our clothes, but didn't have time to dry them, so for a day we drove around with a backseat full of wet clothes.
Thankfully, they dried pretty fast!
And you could never do that in Minnesota in November!

The cows didn't seem to mind our car clothes dryer.

We saw dolphins!

And more cows!

This is Mom and Moana.
She is kind of an aunt.

We stayed in a really nice Bed and Breakfast in Auckland.


Mom and me at another hostel.

Mom cooking at the hostel.
We cooked and ate our way across New Zealand!
The food and spending time with Mom were the best parts of our trip.
We tried to buy local (side of the road) food and try everything that we didn't recognize.
Like canned rice pudding, canned spaghetti, Lamb and Mint flavor chips (crisps), Burger Rings, freeze dried veg. and lots of candy.

Eating dinner al fresco.
In November!

We went to the New Zealand flower show.

Mom with another yummy meal of fresh fish.

Isn't that beautiful?


  1. Gorgeous. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand and my DH has an aunt who lives in Auckland, so we really should!

  2. Janice - Yes! You should go! It is so amazing!