Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chocolate Snowflakes or Russian Lace

This is a very old recipe.
As old as chocolate and snow.
There are 2 ingredients: fresh snow and chocolate.
It's perfect for snowy days when everyone is bored, because it's edible art.
Everyone likes to eat art!

I live in Minnesota where winter is at least 9 months long.
Winter always includes tons of snow.
However, we don't always get beautiful fluffy snow. You want dry, fluffy snow for this recipe.
Be a snow connoisseur! Hold out for the good stuff.

Melt some chocolate in the microwave (or over a candle/woodstove/something hot).
Put the chocolate into a plastic ziploc bag.
Snip one corner - to make a mini pastry bag.

Doodle in the snow. Make a snowflake shape or a word or a heart.
I did one layer of milk chocolate (chips) and one layer of white chocolate.

I liked the mini ones the best.

The chocolate will freeze very quickly.

I found this recipe when I was snowed in for a week.
We had a drift over the front of our house that covered the entire first story.
The power went on and off, but we had a woodstove and candles to keep us warm.
It was a lot of fun!
We built a doll house and ate Russian Lace.

Once the chocolate is firm (a couple minutes) pick up the snowflakes and take them inside.

Eat them right away or freeze them.

They really dress up a cup of cocoa.

They would also look nice on a cake.

They prevent cabin fever!

Every snowflake falling outside is unique and every chocolate snowflake is unique too.


  1. What an original and amazing treat! Thanks for showing this.

  2. Glad you like it!
    Let me know if you make them - I'll post a link to your post.

  3. Beautiful! And what a fun way to enjoy the snow! :)

  4. Love this if it would only snow in South Carolina!

  5. This looks amazing! Unfortunately, I have to climb a mountain to catch snow in California!

  6. Leslie and Thessa - I'm so happy that you liked my little snowflakes! :)
    I think you could make them without snow - with crushed ice or on a wax paper lined cookie sheet that you pop into the freeze for a few minutes.

    They are really fun to make!