Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 Penny Acre

I saw to a great band on Saturday.
The are doing a Hwy 71 tour and I just happen to live near Hwy 71!
Wowa! I never thought there would be a positive side to living near a highway.
Before going to the show, I didn't know anything about them.
My Mom bought the tickets and told me we were taking my Grandparents out for their anniversary.
Hey, free night out AND I love my Grandparents! How could I say no?
3 Penny Acre is VERY AWESOME - if you can, GO to their next show!
Their harmonies are amazing. Seriously.

I have to say though, the crowd was a little um.......geriatric.
Is that a nice way to say old(ish) and subdued?
Anyway, great band.
I would love to hear 3 Penny Acre and Highland Reign play together.

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