Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Showing Off Plants

Just a post to show off the beautiful plants!
Aren't they gorgeous?

My Mom and I are throwing around the idea of having a plant sale in mid-May.
We started way too many plants (again - how does that happen every year?).
Last year we gave away the extras, but this year I think it would be fun to have a plant sale.
We could sell plants and I could sell a few of my cement mushrooms and glass plate flowers.
So, if you live in central Minnesota and want some plants........


  1. Wow, I wish my seedlings looked like that! Don't know if the house is too cold or it's the lack of a grow light, but my tomato seedlings are lucky if they have 4 leaves yet... I didn't have enough lighting for all the seedlings so I've been putting them outdoors the past few weeks to get as much sunlight as possible. They're staying alive, but I'm not sure they'll get big enough to produce before winter...

    I think I have plant envy!! Yours are very beautiful!

  2. Are you feeding them steroids? I wish we had plants that looked like that and I am pretty sure we started them the same time. Lucky!