Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tibby Tilling and Garden Moving - again

So, the garden is on the move again.
I'm moving my flowers out of the raised beds and putting them into 2 beds on either side of the garden.
The raised beds just didn't work with flowers. It was too hard to see the flowers and the path upkeep was daunting. It's hard enough to keep up the veggie garden paths. Now that I have a fab electric lawn mower I'm not afraid to mow. In fact, I've really enjoyed mowing my front lawn this year.
So maybe, maybe, lawn is not the total evil of gardening.
Hey, I obviously can change my mind.
I keep thinking my neighbors are saying, "Huh, it must be Fall, she's ripping up her yard again. Huh, it must be Spring, she's ripping up her yard again." Well, I don't care. People move around their living room furniture. The garden is my BIG living room.
Tibby helped with the tilling.

I can't blame her. I was digging holes, why shouldn't she dig a few.

The dirt was so soft and fluffy too.

Dig, dig,dig.


"Ok too tired. I'll just take a little nap right here in this handy hole."

Some of the beds are removed.

I had to do everything in stages. Move a bed. Plant some perennials. Move another bed. Ect.

Fluffy black dirt.

These are parts of my yard I've never really taken pics of, because I was so embarrassed of them. Hopefully they will look better next year.

Back to work.

"What's a dirt mustache?"

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