Monday, October 25, 2010

The Garden That Was - Summer's End 2010

Above is a pic of a salad I made using Zavory peppers from my garden. They are my favorite pepper. They have the flavor of a habenero, without the heat. They are yummy! Usually they don't make it into the house before I eat them.

The following pics were taken Sept. 7th 2010.
The garden doesn't look anything like this right now.
First of all, the flower beds are gone and in their place I have a huge swath of black mud.
Yay for rain, not.
Second of all, most of the garden was hit with frost a couple days ago, so everything is wilted over and dead.

2010's tomato walls were bigger than ever.
However, next year I will plant fewer plants.
I promise.

Flower beds and Catty and Tibby.

More of the garden.
Next year, I will be taking out the bed with the blue chicken in it.

I think I might move the arch.
Once the morning glory started to grow on it, I couldn't see my pond from the house.

Flower beds. All gone. Goodbye flower beds.

Closer view of the tomato walls.

Back view of the tomato walls.

Middle of the garden. Tomato walls.

It's a jungle!

Side view.
Tibby in the jungle.

Chinese 5 color pepper.


  1. Beautiful Garden! Can't wait til spring to start all over again!

  2. I have really enjoyed your blog. I found it last fall right before the computer crash. I think I read that you live in MN. Anywhere close to Chaska, MN? I would love to have you come and talk to my garden club! I am really interested in the vertical gardening that you have so wonderfully blogged about. Sorry I signed it anonymous, I didn't know how to put my name onto this thing. Learning curve....Deana O in Chaska