Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gardening Danger

I spent yesterday evening in the ER and then with an opthamologist.
I have a corneal abrasion on my right eye.
Gardening is dangerous! At least for me.
This is the third time I've hurt my right eye while gardening.
Yesterday, I was cleaning out the garden and cutting everything down and the sharp cut end of a grape vine whipped into my eye. It pulled out my contact and cut my cornea from the bottom to the top. It hurt so bad! I thought it would start feeling better, but after three hours I couldn't stand the pain. I couldn't open my right eye at all and my eyes wouldn't stop watering.
In the ER they gave me some anesthetic drops and WoW! I could open my eye! Then they used some fluorescent orange dye and a blue lamp to see the abrasion.
It would have been very interesting, if it had been someone else's eye!
Then they sent me to an opthamologist and he examined my eye again and put a "band-aid" contact on my eye and gave me some antibiotic drops.
With the contact on, protecting it from the air, my eye felt 100% better.
I guess I will be wearing protective glasses from now on when I'm gardening.
It's a dangerous hobby.


  1. OW!! Glad you got some relief..that sounds really painful. :(

  2. This post caught my eye.(no pun intended). We are landscape contractors and we have been poked in the eye so many times by branches and such. My husband had to have one boo boo, corrected by a cornea specialist. We wear googles now :)

    Wyatt's Mom

    P.S. There is a blog out there, called 'Danger Garden', and her tag line is, "be careful, you will poke your eye out!" Haha!