Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Bunny!

Do you remember in Anne of Green Gables when Matthew Cuthburt goes to the General Store to buy Anne a dress with puffy sleeves?
He ends up buying a rake, 50 lbs of brown sugar, ect.
Well, today I went to the "General Store" looking for straw.
I thought the Ladies might like some straw to dig in. I gave them a couple bales last Spring, they had fun digging through them and then I composted the straw.
I didn't find any straw.
It couldn't hurt to take a peek at the baby chicks - right?
Awwwww - there was one baby bunny all alone.
It came right up to my hand and let me pet it.
Awwwww - it fit perfectly in my hand.
It was so cute!
I bought some canning jars, a magazine, some more canning lids and went home.
Then three hours later I went back to the store and bought her!
I think she is a she, because she was in the bin marked female, but of course she might turn out to be a he.
Only time will tell.
Now I need to name her.

She was only sniffing.

Catty says, "Whaz that!"

"Lemme out! I chew you big fur ball!"

Update: She has a name! - Tansy Tweed.


  1. Bertha would be a good name!

  2. Awwww... shes very cute! The chickies are in at TSC and I'm going to go "LOOK" at them later... lol

  3. Mike - LOL That's my Grandma's name!

  4. Jennifer - Good luck just "looking"..... so we'll see new chickie pics soon? :)

  5. She is adorable!!

    We had rescued rabbits for many years, and just in case this is your first bunny, it is good to give them Timothy hay and fresh greens like kale or cilantro in addition to pellets. Our girls also loved apples, carrots, and raw corn on the cob.

    Our rabbits also learned to use the litter box right along with the cats.

  6. Tansy is adorable!!!!!! Love the name, too.