Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goodbye Pippa

Pippa won a cutest chick contest - here BYC
I am so proud of her.

She was cute as a chick, but she has grown into a beautiful chicken.

Winning the contest is a little ironic, because I just found Pippa a new home.
It's very sad, but Pippa is just too noisy for my suburban backyard.
I found some nice people that have a farm and their own flock of 18 chickens.
It will be nice for Pippa to have somewhere where
she can "crow" to her heart's delight.
Right now when she gets noisy I have to put her
inside, so my neighbors won't complain.

I will miss seeing her pretty little eggs in the nest box.
And her little chirpy voice.

My tiny tough girl.

This is Pippa's goodbye video.

I'm taking her to her new home on Monday.

*sigh* It's so sad. And it was a really hard decision to make.


  1. I hated having to rehome mine too..but I'm sure she will be very happy!

  2. I had to rehome my two males recently, it's not nice, but at least they will have lots of fun with other chickens instead if being cooped up inside because they're too loud :(