Monday, April 27, 2009

Gaa! Fight!

The Ladies and Lavender are not getting along.
I knew integrating Lavender's chicks and the Ladies
would be difficult, but waaa! it's so hard to watch them fight!
The Ladies aren't really interested in the chicks.
But they hate Lavender.
I was supervising playtime today and
Butter grabbed onto Lavender's ruff.
They didn't say a thing. No squawking, just silent wrestling.
Which was scarier.
I didn't know if I should separate them.
It's part of the pecking order, getting Lavender back in line,
but it's so hard to watch!
I finally pulled them apart,
because Butter is 3x Lavender's weight and
somechicken was going to get hurt.
Lavender lost a few feathers.
Gaaaaa! What to do?!?

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