Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soap Making, Packaging and the Golden Globes!

My largest wholesale order :)

Sept. and Oct. have been very busy months and November is looking like an even busier month!  I am making lots and lots of soap....and having so much fun :)

These gnomes were a custom order for a wholesale customer.  They are time consuming to make, but so cute!  The green ones were scented in pine tree and then red ones were scented in red apple.  I dust each one with 24k gold mica.  The packaging turned out to be the biggest headache.  My supplier didn't have any of the gold buttons washi tape, so I had to order a different gold stripe washi tape.  Um, yeah it didn't stick so great.  SO I had to glue each piece of tape on to the soap boxes - it took forever!  You can see in the picture at the top how the tape crisscrosses the top of the boxes (middle, lower kraft boxes in picture).  I was using a glue gun and I burned my finger too.  But they ARE so cute :)  I have a few of them listed in my shop - lighter green color, pine scent Golden Gnomes

I made this super moisturizing shaving soap - I LOVE this stuff!  I have been shaving my legs with it and it is amazing.  So smooth...I may have asked (a few) people to feel my legs LOL!  It also smells really good - winter apple, smells to me like Herbal Essences.  Plus I found these awesome little vintage glass lids to use with the cute little glass jars - great for traveling.  I have already tested it on a trip and the jar and cover worked great!  Shaving Soap

This was my donation to the Joyful Child Foundation benefit.  I sewed the cute little bag myself!  It was my first time sewing a zipper.  It turned out nice, my Mom saw it and thought I had bought it some where, because the stitching was so straight and even.  Ha! I included a bar of Tipsy Hippy soap.  Made with 1/2 hemp milk and 1/2 Minnesota micro brewed beer.

My soap is going to the Golden Globes!!!  These are the bags I had made (by another small hand crafter!) for my soaps.  The soap (in these cute bags) will be included in swag bags and given to some attendees. 

One of my favorite new soaps - unscented and uncolored.  Bear Buns.  The packaging is very cute ;)

I like the uncolored soaps, but I love colored soaps.  Marie Antoinette
 - let them wash with soap cake!  Below - Psychedelic - whoo patchouli!

Well, I have to get back to making soap!

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  1. Congrats on your wholesale order, that is just so exciting! I'm really digging the Christmas gnomes, those colors work perfectly.