Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fair Ivy Finalist!

Wow!  I'm still in shock!
My soap was selected as a finalist by the Soap Queen team for the Fair Ivy Contest.  Check it out here: Soap Queen 

As they say in show business, I'm just honored to be mentioned.... among such an amazing group of crafters.    Wow!
So surprised and happy!

I entered, because I like contests.  I'm a terrible procrastinator, but if I have a very firm goal in mind I will work obsessively until I think it's perfect :P   Contests are a good push for me to try new things and be creative.  I didn't think I would be a finalist!  

I almost missed the deadline for submissions, because I couldn't get my label template to cooperate.  In the end I just used an address stamper to add my name and address to the back of the label, because I couldn't re print the labels again at the last minute (my Dad prints my labels on his fancy (expensive) printer and I trade him labels for soap LOL!) and having name/address on your label was one of the requirements for entry.  It was right down to the wire and I paid extra at the post office just to make sure it would be delivered on time.

Now I wish I had taken a picture of my submission before I sent it off!  

I designed and sewed little clutch type bags that folded like an envelope to hold the soap.  They had ribbons sewn in to tie them closed.  I thought they were really cute :)
I even made my own pattern  - although it isn't that complicated a pattern LOL!  Just the shape of an envelope.  

I don't think that I will win the final contest - there are a lot of REALLY gorgeous entries and mine looks kind of plain by comparison, but there is always next time!  And it was an honor just to know someone liked my soap and my sewing :) 

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