Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Washington Adventure Begins

I went to a wedding in Washington state with my parents. We rented a house on Whidbey Island.
Goodbye Minnesota!

I was so tired. Our flight left at 6:20am and we got up at 4am to get ready, catch the shuttle from the hotel and get to the airport early. I think tired was the theme to the vacation - I'm not good with time changes, even small ones like 2 hours. You should have seen what the time change did to me when we went to New Zealand. Really messed up.

First view of the island.

It was a rainy day. We had 2 sunny days and 5 rainy days.

We took a ferry.

When we arrived on the island it was sunny! For a while.

We drove around a bit, because we were too early and couldn't check into our house. There was someone cleaning it.

View of Penn Cove.

Our house for the week. This was when the tide was out. When the tide came in it was almost up to the grass.

This heron fished every evening near the house. There were also seals that would show up in the evening and one night there was something large that surfaced not too far from the beach. It was attached to a buoy. The buoy bounced around for a while, then went farther and farther from shore and finally disappeared.

View from the deck. I took a lot of pictures from the deck. The sky changed so much, it amazed me. The sky doesn't change that much here, or rather I can't see very much of it - too many houses in the way.

Sun set on the first night. It never looked this way again.

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