Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Obsession : Geocaching!

So my new obsession is geocaching.
I tried it out while I was on vacation and I loved it!
If you don't know what geocaching is check out http://www.geocaching.com/.
Basically, you have a GPS with coordinates and you follow the coordinates to ground zero (GZ) where you search for a cache. The cache can look like anything from less than 1" x1" (found 2 of those so far) to really, really big. It just has to be waterproof. When you find a cache there is a log inside that you sign and if you feel like it you can trade swag (little prizes).
We saw so many beautiful things on vacation that, without geocaching, we never would have seen.
It was the best vacation ever!
So I came back home and I had to show all my friends how much fun it is.
Last week-end we hit a few caches. Everyone loved it, but only one person is as obsessed as I am. My garden buddy Alexa! Or Leche - the name she likes to sign in cache log books.
She is really awesome, scary good at finding caches. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but she would give me a lecture on not giving up and then proceed to find the cache.
So cute!
Alexa and another friend. Their first find!

The whole gang and an ammo can.

Me with a geocoin I found in Washington. I dropped it into this cache for someone else to pick up and move along.

See that navy blue person between the two fallen trees?
That would be me with my hood up.
I was afraid, for good reason, of army worms falling into my hair.
I found that cache.........30 feet away and up at the top of the hill. LOL!

Some pictures I took while we were hunting in a state park on Sunday.

We never found the final cache of the multi we were searching for. The cords put us in the middle of the lake. I think I entered them wrong. Sure hope so! We will be back to find it.

Alexa taking a rest from searching.

This was the 2nd stage of the cache. Can't see the cache? Well it's there! Sneaky, sneaky.

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  1. I love geocaching and do it a lot when we are on vacation. You should think about traveling caching :)